Theme for 2010: “Walk into your Destiny-by Running to Yourself”

new-year-2010-fireworks-thumb59439121 As I thought about themes for this year–I wanted to really listen to my spirit. Usually themes come to me very early and they are based on something I am lacking in my life, or need to work on.  Last year 2009 my motto was “ If I have not love, I am nothing” based on Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (chapter 13).  The year before 2008 it was “Keep moving forward” which was what I needed to grasp in my life as I turned 40 years of age. Both of those mantras served me well on both a personal and professional level.

This year, however, I am in a different place.  I have been through a great season of radical change, and transformation in the past three years. And it has been a blessing. I have also labored in a spirit of absolute exhaustion from service.  To be honest I am tired, and I need a rest. And I am going to give myself permission to take that rest.

As I considered this year and the decade ahead what clearly kept creeping up in my spirit was “take care of you Sophia”–”be about self for once”-”learn you Sophia”–”minister to self”-and in doing so you will be fully healed and you will fully realize the destiny God has for you.

I actually spent last night quietly alone at home (my beau is away on business outside of the country till my birthday on Tuesday:) reading my 1999-2000 Millennium journal.  I was 32 years old and it was a fascinating and enlightening read.  It made me ask some hard questions about those dreams and things that I had not yet realized.  The common denominator was “me”-”myself” and “I”.   Then it came to me–this year has to be about “care of the self” and in so doing I/you/we will be better positioned to realize our dreams, God given potential, and to serve our family, friends and neighbors better.

Now that we have successfully entered the 2nd new decade of this new millennium, I don’t know about you but I am excited.  I should be and so should you.  Why?

Well for starters “10″ is a whole number, unlike prime numbers such as 3, 5, 7. . .”10″ symbolizes wholeness and perfection–it is the number “ordinal perfection”–it starts a new beginning, a new birth, a new order.  For us in calendar terms it signals a “decade” or “10 years”  A time of completion, wholeness, and living out your destiny.  That is my challenge to myself and to all of you who follow my musings and speaking.

Face you–run to you–love on you–care for you–minister to you–rediscover you (the true you)–take care of you!

2010 is the year I will have my first book published-Fall 2010 (Smiley Books, A Hayhouse Publishing Partner).  2010 is the year I believe I will get married. 2010 is the year I believe I will be on my way to motherhood in whatever way it comes.  For the first time in my life I am certain and I can see my destiny.  I get why all the struggle, pain, valleys, betrayals, losses, and challenges had to happen in my life.  How many times did I lament to God and ask What are you doing?? I so get it now.  I was blind but now I see.  I mean that.

For those of you out there who think it is too late–or that you missed it–or that it is over–think again.  I will be 43 years old on Tuesday next.  43-wow!  But I still feel 25 at heart and once I started walking in that spirit of freedom and exploration (things I missed in my 20′s) my world opened up to all of the possibilities my heart could handle.  I am comfortable with myself now.  I know who I am.  More importantly, I know whose I am.

Do you? If not, find you and walk into your heart’s destiny by so doing.

And the glow from your fire can truly light the way,



The Lost Meaning of Easter: Bringing it Back on Point. . .

Love one another as I have loved you.” (Jesus, Luke’s Gospel)
“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”
(Apostle Paul letter to the Galatians)

Amidst all the Easter Rabbits, colored eggs, and jelly beans one could get confused as to what we celebrate this coming Sunday and why we celebrate it.  Easter, is not about rabbits, or large bunnies at the shopping Mall who frighten small children away.  Easter is about J-E-S-U-S.

Now if you are not a Christian this will mean nothing to you, but if you are a Christian (follower of Christ) it should mean everything to you.  For those of you who may be seeking the truth about Easter and know nothing about this very religious holiday, let me give you a few quick thoughts.

First, Easter is about the ultimate victory of life over death.  Jesus (as the story is told in all four gospel accounts in scripture as well as throughout the New Testament of the Bible) was crucified and died on Good Friday (today). He lay in the grave and on the 3rd day he arose (Easter Sunday).  Jesus overcame death and in so doing secured life after deathfor those who follow his commands and who Believe in the gospel, are baptized into his death, burial and Resurrection (Romans 6: 1-4), Repent of their sins (Acts 2:38), and confess him as Lord.

Second, Easter is the ultimate example of L-O-V-E in action.  As John writes in his gospel v. 15:13 ”there is a no greater love than a man lay down his life for his friends.” That is Jesus folks–he paid it all that we might live.  He laid down his life for those of us who were separated from God by sin. Powerful stuff when you think about it–who among us would die for a righteous man nonetheless a sinner?? Jesus is L-O-V-E personified.

Third and lastly, Easter is about the Resurrection.  Newness from the old. Life from what appeared to be lifeless. It comes in the spring which is a time of awakening and the refreshing of a new season.  It signals life from what was dormant–and it offers us the tangible H-O-P-E of  what we cannot yet see, but know to be there waiting for us, rooting for us, encouraging us as we do our best to make our way through this mysterious journey called life.

Happy Easter & God Bless.