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    Special Sister Minority Health Month Q & A...

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One day, while playing golf in a women's tournament, I met the most bubbly person. That person was Sophia Nelson. She invited me to join their women's group, I Am My Sister's Keeper. Not only that, she invited me to be her friend, and my life has not been the same. I now have a network of people who pray for me and I for them. I now know what it is like to truly know that someone is keeping and encouraging you, and the awesome responsibility (change words) the awesome privilege it is to be the post to keep your sister standing. I would admonish any sister, who reads through these testimonies to become a part of this phenomenal network of women ... Women of courage, women of faith, women of purpose, women of destiny, women of trials, and women of triumphs. I can say that my shell has been shattered and now I can be what God has called all of us to be ... My Sisters' Keeper.

- Talaya S. Simpson (Bowie, Maryland)